Charity Registration Fees

We don’t use the billable hour system used by most lawyers. We don’t charge you for asking us questions. We don’t charge you for marble offices, elaborate parties and supporting all of the partners. We won’t nickel and dime you.


We embrace the most advanced technology to provide you with efficient and responsive legal services. We use set prices for set projects, so you know what the work will cost before you start.


We give you a fixed price which is actually fixed, not an estimate with loads of carve-outs, taxes and disbursements.


Cost certainty and installment plans – it’s a complete package deal.


  • Nuans Search and Reservation;
  • Not-for-Profit Articles of Incorporation
  • Constitution
  • By-laws
  • Directors’ resolutions
  • Banking Resolutions
  • Directors’ consents
  • Members resolutions
  • Members’ Registry
  • Minutes of first meeting
  • Directors’ and Members’ registry
  • Membership certificates
  • Delivery of Electronic minute book
  • Form T2050 – charity application
  • Correspondence with the CRA
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Receipt of charitable registration
  • Congratulations on receiving Charitable status!


  • (for Religious Charities and Public Foundations)
  • (for non-incorporated charities)



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